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Court-Free Problem-Solving Mediation and Co-Mediation with Collaborative Lawyers, exploring win-win strategies of conflict transformation considering past history, analysis of what the conflict is about, what the parties want, identifying legitimate goals, basic needs, just grievances and endeavoring to find creative and face-saving ways to optimize outcomes for all parties. We endeavor to solve problems better, faster, cheaper and deeper to provide an offramp to a costly, toxic, adversarial, lengthy, often unjust, sometimes legally abusive, rigged legal process. 



Equal Access Court Advocate 

Legal Abuse Syndrome, LAS is a form of PTSD, recognized in the the fifth edition of its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5). It is considered an invisible disability.  According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, (ADA) the Courts are mandated to provide accommodation for invisible disabilities. Diane Perlman, PhD is an ADA Certified Advocate.

Certified Cancer Support Educator and Health Coach

Certified by the Center for Advancement in Cancer Education. Specialty in psychoneuroimmunology with interest in people who beat the odds, using a biopsychosocial model and study of exceptional physical healing. From family of origin work, exploring patterns to evaluation of stresses and lifestyle, to collaboration with health care professionals our goal is to maximize your healing potential. 

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