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About Diane Perlman, PhD

Diane Perlman is a clinical and political psychologist, mediator, conflict analyst and interdisciplinary social scientist as well as a cancer support educator and health coach. She applies knowledge and skills to political phenomena with a primary purpose of tension reduction, violence prevention, and conflict transformation. Using a therapeutic, healing approach to conflict, it is possible to make conscious, thoughtful, deliberate interventions designed to produce optimal outcomes.

She is a Visiting Scholar at the School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason, a US Convener of Transcend, was a Fellow at the Solomon Asch Center for the Study of Ethnopolitical Conflict, former co-chair of the task force on Global Violence and Security for Psychologists for Social Responsibility and a founding member of Collaborative Family Law Affiliates in PA practicing Collaborative Divorce. 

She writes, speaks, teaches and gives workshops on the psychological dynamics of enmity,  nuclear proliferation, terrorism, gender and violence,  reversing cycles of violence, reconciliation, political maturity, flawed security policies (such as over emphasis on punitive coercion - sanctions and deterrence),  climate chaos, and psychoneuroimmunology. She is co-author of Reconciliation with Joanna Santa Barbara and Johan Galtung and has a chapter in The Psychology of Terrorism. She introduces psychological principles and mediation to the UN Conferences on the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, Climate Change and Women and the forthcoming UN negotiations for a treaty to ban nuclear weapons.

She holds a patent for Zero Waste Design's Infinicup®, a reusable, portable collapsible cup that locks open, to reduce the use of disposable waste, and the 58 billion cups we throw out each year. She  is searching for business experts to join her team to help launch this. 




The Psychology of Enmity and Dehumanization

The Dynamics of Nuclear Proliferation

Deterrence Theory, Spiral Theory and the 

Security Dilemma

Psychoanatomy of Political Terrorism and Terror Reduction

Conflict Transformation, Second Order Change and Reversing Cycles of Violence

Gender and Violence

Psychology and Climate Change

REPAROLOGY: Towards a Scientific Evolutionary Model of Healing after Protracted Collective Trauma


Demystification of Psychological Manipulation

Language, Messaging and Framing: Psychological Literacy in the Media

Human Development, Security and Political Maturity

The Courageous Personality

Reversing Cycles of Violence

Psychoneuroimmunology: Patterns of Exceptional Healing

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