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Lectures, Slide Presentations, Workshops


Available for speaking, teaching, lectures, workshops on the following topics, combinations of topics or requests to design a program on any related issue

Wise Power™: A Guide to Liberation from Retaliation  - principles, concepts, and solution-oriented strategies for reducing terrorism and reversing cycles of violence

Humanizing the Enemy … and Ourselves, the psychology of dehumanization, enemy imaging and projection of the shadow

Psychoanatomy of Political Terrorism and Terror Reduction: Depth Psychology, Systems Theory, and Second Order Change

The Courageous Personality a psychological study of moral heroism

The Dark Side of Living in the Light: A Guided Tour of the Human Shadow Through Development, Myth, and History


Patterns of Exceptional Physical Healing, Study of people with cancer who beat the odds


Eros Perverted: Analyzing Violence through the Lens of Gender, slide show

The Psychology of Apology and Forgiveness


Psychological Roots of Violence: Eros, Thanatos and the Human Psyche

Psychological Literacy in the Media: Decoding and Demystifying Psychological Manipulation 


Metamessage: Framing, Language and Messaging to transcend the political divide 

It's the Humiliation, Stupid! : Understanding What Trump Means to Some

and how to address their deeper needs


Reconciliation: Clearing the Past, Building a Future,  models and processes for dealing with a difficult past

REPAROLOGY™:  A Scientific Evolutionary Model of Healing after Protracted Collective Trauma

Punimania™and Coercive Foreign Policy: Sanctions, Deterrence & the Law of Opposites


The Nuclear Mystique, entertaining slide show, a psychohistorical evolution of nuclearism and making sense of the security dilemma


EROS Development – slide show, model of Human Development, a unified theory explaining the psychological foundations of political conflict

Political Maturity Scale for Addressing Conflict, a Post Partisan model, Beyond Right-Left Politics

 The Responsibility of Bearing Witness: Truth Commissions, Tribunals, Apology, Reparations


Beyond the Cancer Personality and Relational Aspects of Cancer

Legal Abuse Syndrome 

My Tar Sands Song, inspired while being arrested in front of the White House with Bill McKibben and 1267 other people protesting the Keystone Pipeline  over 2 weeks in September 2012.

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